Ambient Light

Ambient Light

by Mandy M Roth






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 Paranormal Vampire Shifter Demon Romance Threesome


A vampire, a model and one hell of a good time…

Yates is desperate to make contact with the lavender-eyed model the moment he sees her in a magazine. The well-regarded photographer doesn't just want to take her picture — he wants to take her. He only hopes the mortal can handle him. All of him.

Kelly is fascinated and a little frightened by Yates the moment she sets foot in his darkened studio. She falls under his spell…and then his fangs come out. This vampire has mating in mind. But Kelly has a secret of her own— she's not human either. And as much as she desires him, her kind and his don't get along.

Rating: Contains graphic adult material, multiple partner sex, adult language, and explicit sexual content not suitable for sensitive readers.


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Ambient Light

Mandy M. Roth




To Jaycee, who never ceases to light the fire under my backend to get me motivated and working once more. Your phone calls not only make me laugh, they let me know someone else as disturbed as me exists in the world. I really do think we need T-shirts warning people. Though the bumper sticker idea has merit too.


Author Note

 This is a world in which supernaturals exist but are not known to humans. The supernaturals are written in a way they do not have to worry about sexually transmitted diseases. In real life, please use caution and practice safe sex.



 Yates Colyer rolled onto his side, disgusted with himself as he heard the front door close. The woman leaving meant nothing to him. In fact, he hadn’t even bothered to get her name. What he wanted her for had little to do with needing it so he passed. As a creature of the night, he required blood once every two months or so. At his age, blood wasn’t something he was day-to-day dependent on anymore. There was a time, back when he was newly sired that he needed blood several times a day. Fortunately for him, his father had been in a position of power, giving Yates unlimited access to the town, its resources and more importantly, its warm bodies. Beggars and peasants overpopulated the area and he used to think he was doing his part to thin their numbers. They were rarely missed and on the off chance they were, no one with any kind of power paid them any heed.

Over the centuries, he learned to curb his hunger and take blood without killing the victim or donor, depending upon where and how he got it. He was a different man now, no longer killing to sate the demon within. He liked to think he had more control and more finesse. Like everything, he had to change with the times. It mattered not that he was technically still a Comte. He’d reinvented himself so many times over the course of his immortally long life that Yates no longer paid much mind to the politics of it. Throughout it all something had been missing.

It still was. What, he wasn’t sure.

With his blood hunger satisfied, he thought about what else he depended upon to survive. Sex. He needed it almost daily. He craved it as much as he craved seeing the sunrise. At least with sex, he could actually obtain the goal. The sunrise would never again be. He had vague memories of his last sunset, though at the time he wasn’t aware it would be his final one. He hadn’t asked to be brought over as a creature of the night, another form of the many demons that inhabited the earth and beyond. He’d been sired against his will and had to learn to make the best of it.

I am far from making the best of it.

All had been well until he had found her. The mysterious woman in the magazine. The one with haunting lavender eyes and a mouth that begged to be wrapped around his cock. She haunted his every moment—awake and asleep.

Yates growled as he went onto his back, hitting his bed with his fist as he thought of how his daily sexual escapades had died almost instantly since he had seen the mystery woman’s face in the magazine. Sure, he’d found beautiful women more than willing to lie with him and please him until sunrise but his cock wouldn’t cooperate. It had its sights set on one woman and one woman only. She was a stranger to him. Unfortunately, Yates knew nothing more than that she was a model.

In his line of work, he met with models nonstop. Many all but beat down his door, wanting him to photograph them because he was the best. The one who had just walked out on Yates had practically thrown herself at him, offering him free rein of her body. He had tried to take advantage of the offer but his cock refused to rise to the occasion, opting instead to lie dormant as the demon within demanded to be free. If the demon couldn’t fuck it or suck it, it seemed to think killing it would suffice. Thankfully, Yates had more than enough control to stop his demon from doing anything of the sort. He did, however, seem to lack the ability to kick-start his cock.

Sighing, he rolled out of bed and went to the magazine featuring the pictures of his mystery woman. It sat on a two-person table, positioned near the far end of his bedroom. He took a step toward it and scowled as he stepped on an open book. He liked his home tidy, everything in its place, and he valued his book collection greatly. The woman who had just left had insisted on leafing through various books then discarding them over her shoulder. He should have known then his dick wouldn’t want to be in her. Anyone who couldn’t appreciate a good read wasn’t worth fucking.

He sighed.

Yates ran his hand over the edge of the circular table. It was a piece he had acquired during his time in his homeland—France. Its flame mahogany veneer had caught his eye and the tapered, fluted legs kept it. He had an eye for detail and for fine things. That was part of the reason the woman from the magazine had held his attention. The magazine was already open to the pages she graced. As his gaze skimmed over the alluring raven-haired goddess, a hollow feeling in the pit of his stomach began. She was so beautiful, unearthly so. Never before had a woman called to him as this one did. Those lavender eyes—he wanted to see them staring up at him while he rammed his body into hers.

She’s my mate.

The thought nearly knocked him over. For four centuries he had lived in darkness, refusing to believe any such person existed. Could it be that by merely opening a magazine, he had finally located her?

There is only one way to find out.



Ms. Roth does an excellent job of pulling the reader into her fast-paced novella and brings out all the emotions and passions to make this a well-rounded read that is sure to please.--Night Owl Erotic Reviews


Mandy M. Roth is a brilliant author and I am a major fan of her work. While this was not my favorite book, it is worth reading...Her worlds are well developed and dramatic in intensity. I am looking forward to her next novel, no matter what it is about.--Sensual Reads


Overall, though, the book is just plain hot! Yates is a demanding lover and Kelly keeps right up with him. If you’re looking for a book that will provide a blast of heat during these cold winter months, look no further. AMBIENT LIGHT will fit the bill.--Wild On Books Reviews


4.5 Hearts--This is an intense and very erotic tale with fascinating and intense characters. The plot is quick moving with very hot love scenes and lots of action and suspense. No one writes about shifters and vampires like Ms. Roth and it is always hard to wait for another one.--The Romance Studio


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Amazon ASIN: B004Y64F6Q

Electronic ISBN: 978-1-4524-8074-9

Release Date: April 2011

Word Count: 20,000

Heat Rating: 5/5



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Mandy M Roth

Mandy M. Roth  grew up fascinated by creatures that go bump in the night. From the very beginning, she showed signs of creativity—writing, painting, telling scary stories that left her little brother afraid to come out from under his bed. Combining her creativity with her passion for the paranormal has left her banging on the keyboard into the wee hours of the night. Her books have won numerous awards, including an RT nomination for Best Paranormal Erotic. 

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